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Solidarity with Ukraine


   The People of Ukraine are facing an invasion. They are suffering. They are fleeing for their lives, they are dying, their homes destroyed. We share the pain of all those suffering and affected by the horrifying events of the past weeks. They need help now.

   I made these 11 prints on International Women's Day - March 8th, 2022. I made a women's symbol as a stencil, then put a direct contact print of a flower in the center. 

These are acrylic on cotton cloth, about 12 x 9 inches.

   You can have one by donating $50 to the charity benefiting Ukraine of your choice.

   These can be framed, or they can be pinned or sewn to the back of your jacket or tote bag - though I cannot vouch for how they will wash. I would wash gently by hand in cold water.

I suggest the charities listed on these sites:


So, if you want one of these, please contact me directly at tamarawyndham AT yahoo DOT com

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